The Mental Game of Recruiting and Building your Business

You ever have a prospect, and you’re talking to them and they say, Nick, is this selling? You know that’s pretty common, the question comes up quite a bit, right? I don’t know if you guys try to disguise it, or duck it. But the fact is, recruiting is selling. And those of you that have been around me, know this. I consider recruiting to be the highest form of selling.

We’re not talking to somebody that’s giving us a credit card to buy a washer, or signing a note or a mortgage to get a car or a piece of land. There’s a great element of trust, that’s been established when you bring somebody into your business, or I bring somebody into my business. And that trust factor means that they are giving you, literally, a piece of their life. We all know that my foundation is that 24 hours in the day is something that we all share. It’s the great equalizer. It’s how we use it or abuse it that places us where we are in life. So, when you’ve got a prospect, and that trust has been established and they are willing not to just invest money with you, so that they can change their life, understand that’s a heavy responsibility. I’m going to talk a little bit about it a little later on. But I want you to understand that you don’t want to duck that issue. You don’t want to tell people there’s no selling involved. I love these ads. No prospecting, no selling, no doing anything.

Well, what do they need me for? What do they need you for? You know, the prospecting and the recruiting are the key elements for anyone to build a successful business. The prospecting is easy. But the recruiting requires a little more psychology and I hope to share that psychology with you tonight. You know, when I tell people that I think…when I tell people. When I share with people that recruiting is the highest form of selling, I let them know exactly what I’m looking for. And you might want to jot this down as a good catch phrase that covers a lot. But what I’m doing is I’m looking for persuasive recruiters and effective trainers. Now, if you haven’t been on my CDs you’ll pick up on that on the very first session.

For those of you that have heard it before, it’s worth sharing again. And my follow-up question. And this is where people, when you’re interviewing people, you ask the question and its open ended and you drop it. You follow it up with “I need to know something.” I need to know, are you now that person or do you want to and can you become that person? Because if you can, I can show you how to teach and grow rich.

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