5-12-2010 Million Dollar Men

So, step number seven is measure your progress every day. Continuously refine what you are doing. How did I spend my day today? Review it. What did I get done today? Write it down. How productive was I today? Be honest. What can I do tomorrow? Make a plan, set a goal, what could be more productive than I was today? Step number eight, be consistent. Be consistent every day. You have a plan, stick to it, do it consistently. Become obsessive about it, he didn’t say that, that’s what I’m saying. Step number nine, always know your next step. And make sure that you and your prospect agree on what the next step should be. Discuss it with them. Clarify it when them. Don’t make assumptions. Be specific. Be definite. And improve yourself. Step number ten is improve yourself. I’ve got to do this one, I’ve got to do Tom Bismy. Tom Bismy was back in the 90s, a I think it was a VP with Ford motor. He was up there. And he got into network marketing. And he made multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars a month. So, he asked the question, are you guilty, and I’ll finish with this. I’ll open the lines up after this. Tom says, are you guilty? If you were brought before a jury of your peers, in other words, people just like you, and accused of being an agent for your company. Pick your company, I know we have people from many different companies, pick the name of your company and imagine if somebody said, you’re an agent for Amway. And they accused you of being an agent of Amway. Would they find you guilty of doing what a successful agent does? Take a look at yourself. Imagine yourself in front of a jury that is trying to decide if you are doing what it takes to be successful in your company. And would you be guilty of being successful, of doing what’s necessary or not? So he says, Tom finishes, adversity introduces a man and a woman to themselves. All of us, all of us are self-made. But only those of us that are successful will admit it. I guess the rest of us will just blame people. But those that are self-made, they admit that they are self-made. They are proud of it. Be proud of what you are doing. You are accomplishing just the fact that you made the decision to go to work for yourself. You are working for yourself but not by yourself. Remember that. You’re surrounded by people that will help you.

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