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The Business Of The Future

by Rivercrest

A recent poll says that well over 50% of people working a job would love to be their own boss and control their future.  The industry of Online Marketing, MLM, and Network Marketing Is The Business OF The Future.

The numbers of people searching for the right business opportunity due to the severe job losses and crushing economic conditions is skyrocketing.  Its causing people everywhere to look for a way to master their own employment destiny, and not be as concerned with a weekly paycheck they are not sure will even last.

People are starting to ask asking themselves many of the same questions every entrepreneur looks at when evaluating the pros and cons of starting their own business:

How do I know what is the right opportunity to start?

Would I do better working for myself with the possibility of more income for my family?

If I’m a leader in my job why couldn’t I be an entrepreneurial leader?

Do I have the money to start my own business?

There is no question that starting your own business takes planning as well as commitment, but the rewards can be absolutely huge.  Not just the monetary rewards, but the time and freedom leveraging which are just as important.

The Industry of online marketing, mlm, and network marketing offers the average person the ability to start their own business without a large capital outlay.  In addition you do not have to manufacture, warehouse, deliver, or produce products in this business model of today.  Now more people worldwide are taking advantage of it! Consider this business model… It just may be perfect for your future!

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by Joe Costantino

I coach, consult and train coaches, consultants, trainers and professional service providers on how to improve and grow their businesses by implementing systems into their businesses.  I have found there are some common characteristics common to the most successful people in this group and all have very little to do with talent.

Well, let me explain.  I’m going to assume that if you are a coach, consultant or trainer you have some pretty in depth expertise in your particular field or you wouldn’t be in business in the first place.

But, I believe there three extraordinary factors that separate the great ones from the pack of so-so ones.  These factors are coach-ability, determination and accountability.

Coach-ability refers to the ability to be coached, but not always in the ordinary sense of the phrase.  The truly great coaches, consultants and professional service providers understand that there are always new things to learn, are open to learning, and have dedicated a portion of their time to constant improvement.  It becomes part of their being.  It may mean that they also understand that they need the help of a professional to get them to the next level.  All successful people that I have worked with are coach-able, no exceptions.

Determination is an attitude; a decision to be successful at any cost. My term for this is ‘fire in the belly‘.  Fire in the belly refers to a person that has the drive and passion to do whatever it takes to succeed at something no matter what.  All successful people that I have worked with are determined, no exceptions.

Accountable refers to taking ownership of your actions not only to others but just as important to oneself. It is doing what you said you were going to do not only for your clients but also the commitments you make with yourself.  Accountable people take ownership of their lives, make no excuses, and understand that the results they achieve in live have to do with the manner in which they conduct their lives.  All very successful people that I work with and have worked with are all accountable, no exceptions.

In most cases when clients are engaging with a consultant, coach, trainer or professional service provider the brand they buy is you. You need to be coach-able, determined and accountable to be the very best.

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by Joe Costantino

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a business owners; a mother; a sister; or a brother, we are all time-starved it seems, constantly fighting the daily clock trying to accomplish all the “stuff” we need to accomplish on a day to day basis.

I have learned from failure, that unless I develop “simple” approaches to my daily activities, I just won’t do them and this includes my daily “to do” system.  So, I have used a process or system for the past year in getting more of the important things accomplished everyday.

And guess what?  It has made a huge difference both personally and professionally in getting things accomplished.  So, here it is:

6 Simple Steps To Getting Critical Things Accomplished Every Day

  1. At night, list the 6 most important, critical things you need to accomplish the next day. These can be both business and personal.  Stop developing lists with 85 things on it.  Two things occur when you use this approach.  First, it’s impossible to complete a list with too many items on it, making you feel like you didn’t accomplish your goals for that day.  Second, with too many items on your list, too many times you end up doing things on the list that aren’t really that important.  Also, get in the habit of writing your list the night before so you hit the ground running when you start your day.
  2. To Do’s must be in writing – When you write it down, it becomes real and you won’t forget what you need to accomplish.  Also, while you sleep, your sub conscious works on what needs to be done.    
  3. Post the amount of of time it will take to accomplish each task – If you have a meeting that will take 6o minutes, post that on your To Do list, so that you don’t overbook your time.
  4. For all To Do’s that have a specific time frame, post and reserve the time in your calendar
  5. Do all the most difficult things on your list as early in the day as possible – Get them done, before “stuff happens” that will stop you from accomplishing your critical To Do’s. Of course, your scheduled times will be accomplished at the appropriate time.
  6. Take Action – Pick a day, the sooner the better, to get started.

The most important step listed above is to Take Action; without action nothing happens.

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Win Using Network Marketing

Are you winning in your Network marketing business?? If you are that is outstanding however many people just get by. 2009 saw changes in the industry both online and offline. 2010 you can see the positive outcome of these changes. Its time to win in network marketing. We just really need to go out in the marketplace and make a difference in the lives of others.

We all agree the economy sucks, right? 10+% unemployment, millions of layoffs, state governments cutting programs and laying off workers.

But did you know that ONE part of the economy (worldwide) is growing at record pace? As a matter of fact, this industry grew 35% in 2008. Any guesses which one?

Online commerce. That’s right, online marketing. I have been doing it for some time and I am very happy I have.

Its not too late for you! If you are worried for your job, are in an industry that’s struggling, or are just plain want to take control of your own financial future, online marketing (and especially online NETWORK marketing- which provides residual income) is probably the only bright spot in a world wide economy that’s crashing down.

As stated in a prior post here is all you need to achieve success.You need to stay consistent, and take action.

It really only take a few steps:
1. You
2. Your system.
3. Your attitude
4. Your Why
5. Your Plan of action

You see anyone who makes a decision to achieve success can.

Carol Recent Comment by Carol

Folks have so many negative ideas about Network Marketing, but when was the last time you saw a Movie and rushed out to write about it on Facebook or call a friend?  It's fun to share something you Believe in to others.

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In a former blog post I commented on the state of our economy.  I pointed out that we have a need today more then ever to Create Our Own Security Through Network Marketing. Just to substantiate those remarks here is information that came out over the weekend you may want to review.  It is eye opening to say the least.  I honestly believe that now is the time to take action and create your future.
The Labor Department released unexpectedly low job-growth numbers last week that pushed the unemployment rate back over 9 percent. The jobs report comes on the heels of both a devastating report that found housing prices hit new lows in March and warnings from economists that the tumbling real estate market threatens to drag the economy back into recession.You don’t wanna make too much out of one month, but when that month reflects other trends in the economy, you want to take note.”

“The bottom line is that the job market simply isn’t meeting the basic employment and income needs of working families,”.

“This is an emergency,” said Preeti Vissa, community reinvestment director of the Greenlining Institute, a foreclosure relief advocacy group. “The ongoing foreclosure crisis is well on the way to dragging the whole economy into a double-dip recession if strong action isn’t taken immediately.”

Here is a repost from last weeks article and what I believe can help you secure your financial future….

With the current economic conditions as they are, more and more people are looking at careers in network marketing.   If you or someone you know is considering a network marketing career here are some facts you need to know.

When growing any business you must recruit quality people who are committed the same as you.  This will assure you the ability to increase your income and enjoy your life to the fullest.  To keep your quality recruits, you must assist them in obtaining what they want out of their business.  The power of a strong global Social Network combined with Great Products will aide in guaranteeing the success for everyone who gets involved.

Here are some benefits when joining a network marketing businesses that you should consider when deciding how to build a successful business.

More Time for You and Your Family

When working for someone else, you make a commitment of time to that organization and if not fulfilled you may not get paid or you may lose your job.  They grow their business through the leverage of your time, which in turn makes their business more successful.  This does not allow you as much time to do the things you may enjoy.  In many cases people substitute the time spent traveling to and from work to maintain a successful network marketing business.

Flexibility of Hours

You will find that you have no set hours when you work in this business.  You can wake up in the morning, do a few hours work, take the day off if you wish, and maybe put in a few more hours that night.  You will have the flexibility that so many other marketers are enjoying every day. With today’s technology, you can do marketing from either your home computer, or even your cellular phone.


If you want to take the day off to go with your children or grandchildren on a field trip for instance, there is no one to stop you. This is one of the main advantages of joining the network marketing industry, it allows you more personal freedom.  It is your decision what you do personally and just how much time you give to business. The order of priorities in regard to your network marketing business will be your choice.

You Work When You Want

You do not submit vacation request months in advance. If you need a couple weeks off because there are unexpected low air fares, which afford you and your friends a golfing trip, or a cruise for the girls, you have the flexibility to just do it!

You’re The Boss

When you start your own network marketing no matter what your business may be, one thing is consistent; you are your own boss and remember, nobody can lay you off, accept you!  The choices you make in your business will be solely up to you. There is no one setting your goals and lurking in the shadows watching how you perform.

What A Network Has To Offer You

When you select the right network to work with, they can offer you the training and the support to get you started, no matter what level of your knowledge may be when it comes to global network marketing.  They have the ability to help you become as good as you choose to be.

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The numbers of people who are starting work from home in, Online Marketing, MLM, Network Marketing are at all time highs.  Many of these people believe that just by joining one of these companies, the sky will open up and money will start dropping on them.

Then the reality sets in and they discover this business is really about personal development, developing skill sets to become effective in this industry.  It is our job when recruiting to let our prospects know in advance that time, effort, personal development, and training are required to be successful.

I was on a Webinar just the other day when a guy said, But, I don’t want to have to learn anything, this feels like going back to school!

Here’s the problem with that attitude.  If you aren’t willing to gain skills in this marketplace, you’re as good as dead.

Why you ask?  Because you are competing against people who are willing to learn.  People who love to learn.  People who are actively becoming skillionaires”.

The bottom line is this.  Why would anyone expect to earn a huge income without going through the learning  process.  The internet allows you to take your message to the world, and online internet marketing is one way to do it.  Even better these skills can be gained by anybody.  But there is a price to be paid, usually in time, trial and error.

The upside is that its FUN and interesting and the ROI is HUGE

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Multiplying Your Business

by Paul J. Meyer.

It is obviously imperative that in building your business you must have:

* A desire to build the business,
* The confidence that you can build the business,
* The knowledge necessary to build the business,
* And, of course, a passion for the business.

Two major ingredients that I have used all my life in building marketing organizations are visualization and affirmations.

An affirmation is simply a positive declaration of something you believe to be true or something you expect to become true and desire to live by. Affirmations transform your thinking, your attitudes, and finally, your behavior.  Their impact on attitudes and behavior help to produce the results you desire.

The most effective affirmations are those you compose yourself.  They are based on your goals and describe the person you want to be, the things you want to do, and what you want to possess. When you repeat such affirmations, you build the needed internal confidence and determination to overcome obstacles, accomplish goals, and improve productivity.

To be successful in recruiting…

* You must realize and believe that recruiting is important!
* You must visualize yourself as a recruiter, and
* You must have some affirmations to speak to your sub-conscious mind until you have developed the thoughts and habits of a recruiter.

For Example:

o When I am watching a parade, I always think about recruiting each person as he or she marches by.
o When I am at a big event such as the Super Bowl, I have an incredible desire to get a hold of the microphone for just one minute. “If I were allowed just one minute with the microphone, out of the 80,000+ in the audience, I am sure that there would be at least 5,000 who would want to talk to me about my business. I could just give them my e-mail address and recruit them on the new internet system!”

Listed below are some examples of affirmations.

»» I am the Number One Recruiter in ___________! (Fill in the blank with your network marketing company)
»» I recruit “ten” people a month (include whatever number here is your goal).
»» I am a recruiting magnet.
»» Recruiting is the core of my business.
»» Today I will phone a referred recruit.  He/she will be waiting for my call, and they will join my team!
»» Recruiting is the lifeblood of my business.
»» I spend three-fourths of my time recruiting and training new associates.
»» I am building a huge team every minute of every day!
»» I do some recruiting every day – because it’s the key to success in this business!
»» I recruit the top people in all of __________. (Fill in your network marketing company’s name here).
»» I love talking to people about my business.
»» I love teaching others how to build their downline!
»» Recruiting, Recruiting, Recruiting, Recruiting…

Everybody should write his or her own affirmations.

Write them on 3×5 cards,
Print them in large, bold, print on an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper.
Tape them in various places around your office.
Put them in your personal planner.
Read them every day. They will stimulate you into action.

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Effective Followup

by Rod Nichols

You’ve probably heard it before – network marketing is a numbers game. The more people you present your products and opportunity to, the greater your success. There is a catch to this theory – Years ago, I was with a company that promoted the use of video mail out. I mailed out about 300 amazing video tapes to warm market prospects and then waited for them to call back and sign-up. After about a week of no calls, I started calling them. Some never received the video, others hadn’t had a chance to view it, and the rest looked at it and weren’t interested. After further follow-up on those who hadn’t had time, I was able to recruit some of them. The key to my success was not the numbers, but rather the numbers combined with effective follow-up. So, financial freedom comes from the follow-up, not purely the numbers.
How do you create an effective follow-up system? Here are some tips:

1. Database – use a computer database to keep track of all your contacts. Time activate your database for follow-ups. Your database should include information about prospects – name, email address, mailing address, phone number, best times to call, fax number, background, marital status, kids, hobbies and interests, goals, network marketing experience, etc. The more you know about a prospect, the easier it is to find their hot buttons. Also, keep track of each contact, in detail, so you will know what information you have already presented.

2. Tools – follow-up can be in-person, by phone, e-mail, text, or good old snail mail. You want to have information packets on products, opportunity, network marketing, the product industry, and information that supports the need to have a home-based business. Make up e-mail and hand-out packages, so you can provide information in the best way for each prospect. Have follow-up phone and in-person scripts, so that you (and your downline members) will remember all the important things to say.

3. When – let’s say you call a friend to invite him to a business briefing and just leave a message. How long should you wait before calling back? First, you should never invite someone to a business briefing by leaving a message. They should receive information and have some interest, prior to inviting them. Effective follow-up must be within 48 hours of the time they receive any type of information from you. If you leave a message to call you and they don’t, call them back after 24 hours has elapsed. If the timing is not right for them and they say “no”, check back with them every 90 days. Call and update them on your progress and that of your company.

Follow-up will mean the difference between your success and failure. So often distributors will do a great job of getting information out, but are afraid to follow-up. Keep in mind that it doesn’t matter what they say – if they are interested, that’s great and if not, that’s ok too. Your job is not to sell them on your company, but rather to present the information effectively and let them decide. That is why it is so important to follow-up, because they may have questions or concerns.

If you are new and feel uncomfortable about the follow-up call, do a 3-way call with your sponsor or another upline leader. Effective follow-up is one of the primary differences between the BIG money earners and the rest of the network marketers. So, get information out there and then follow-up and watch your business skyrocket.

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