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The HEART Of A Teacher

The child arrives like a mystery box…
with puzzle pieces inside
some of the pieces are broken or missing…
and others just seem to hide

But the HEART of a teacher can sort them out…
and help the child to see
the potential for greatness he has within…
a picture of what he can be

Her goal isn’t just to teach knowledge…
by filling the box with more parts
it’s putting the pieces together…
and creating a work of art

The process is painfully slow at times…
some need more help than others
each child is a work in progress…
with assorted shapes and colors

First she creates a classroom…
where the child can feel safe in school
where he never feels threatened or afraid to try…
and kindness is always the rule

She knows that a child
can achieve much more
when he feels secure inside
when he’s valued and loved…
and believes in himself
…and he has a sense of pride

She models and teaches good character…
and respect for one another
how to focus on strengths…not weaknesses
and how to encourage each other

She gives the child the freedom he needs…
to make choices on his own
so he learns to become more responsible…
and is able to stand alone

He’s taught to be strong and think for himself…
as his soul and spirit heal
and the puzzle that’s taking shape inside…
has a much more positive feel

The child discovers the joy that comes…
from learning something new…
and his vision grows as he begins
to see all the things that he can do

A picture is formed as more pieces fit…
an image of the child within
with greater strength and confidence…
and a belief that he can win!

All because a hero was there…
in the HEART of a teacher who cared
enabling the child to become much more…than he ever imagined…or dared

A teacher with a HEART for her children…
knows what teaching is all about
she may not have all the answers…
but on this…she has no doubt

When asked which subjects she loved to teach,
she answered this way and smiled…
“It’s not the subjects that matter…
It’s all about teaching the CHILD.”

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30 Day Challenge: Day 8

Session 8 IA1205 08152011170308932 1177427 Enjoy!

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Today I want to share how you Arm Your New Distributors For Success In Network Marketing . This is great information I received from someone by email.

“Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,
And by opposing end them.”

- William Shakespeare, Hamlet, Act III, Scene i (58-90)

Hamlet may not have been talking about network marketing, but his words do apply. Almost every network marketer has experienced the “slings and arrows” of the naysayers, those often well-meaning friends and relatives that stand in the way of our making an “outrageous fortune!” Experienced network marketers, clothed in the armor of past success, are less vulnerable to outside influences. The new distributor, however, is vulnerable, and that “sea of troubles” can act as a barrier to reaching their true potential.

What did the knights of old do to prevent an injury? That’s right – they armed themselves. Their armor was heavy and cumbersome, and they needed a squire to help them prepare for battle. Well, the same is true for your new distributors. While the armor they must use is less cumbersome than that of the knights, you must help them arm themselves for success. In other words, you must be their squire.

What do I mean by “arming for success?”

When a new distributor joins your network marketing organization, they are moving into an environment that demands strong armor. There are a lot of “slings and arrows” that can hurt their chances for success and create a sea of troubles — of doubt, disbelief, even failure.

As Rich Dad, Poor Dad author Robert T. Kiyosaki points out, most people in this world are afraid to experience success. They are held back by negative thinking, and consequently suffer the pain of mediocrity. Because they have not been armed for success, and are more focused on security and survival, they subject themselves to a life of servitude and poverty and being someone else’s employee.

Arm your new distributors from negative thinking and potential disaster. How? By understanding why so many people are negative about network marketing and the prospects of the success it can bring.

Let’s face it. There are a lot of people out there that do not want you to become successful. When you are successful, you point out the lack of success in their lives. When you take away any excuses they’ve been hanging onto and you force them to look at their lives as they really are, it makes them very uncomfortable. You’ve heard of the expression “Misery loves company.” Well, it’s true.

Doug Firebaugh, network marketing guru, calls it the “Unspoken Understanding,” which is simply the silent agreement that most people have with each other, namely “don’t mention my mediocre life, and I won’t mention yours.” Your success and the succe ss of your new distributors, just points out the naysayers’ mediocrity.

Leaders help others. If you are going to be successful in network marketing, you must arm your new distributors against people who will try to convince them their business won’t work. Show your downline you want them to be successful. Encourage them. Show them how the most successful network marketers have achieved their success, and teach them to model those attitudes, habits, and actions. Remind your distributors that they are the CEO of their lives. Arm them with the power of positive thinking so they don’t let others live their lives for them with their negative attitudes.

To paraphrase Hamlet, by opposing negative thoughts, we end them.

Dee Gabinet Recent Comment by Dee Gabinet

Killer post, Nick!! "To paraphrase Hamlet, by opposing negative thoughts, we end them." simple. I look forward to more!

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By Rivercrest.

Here is some great information that someone emailed me titled, Why Is Network Marketing So Great? If you’ve ever heard of Network Marketing, you’ve probably heard it said that it is essentially a people’s business.   Some have also labeled it a people’s franchise because of the similarities between the business models of network marketing and franchising.   Advocates of the industry name it as the ultimate people’s business and say there is nothing quite like it.   People that are in network marketing will immediately respond positively to this.

One of the unique characteristics of the network marketing type of business is that every individual distributor is in business for themselves but never by themselves. They will always be part of a larger organization and the compensation models are designed in such a way that every person can count on some form of support from their upline.

It is no secret that fortunes can be made in this type of business and many have done just that. Of course this is not the majority of network marketers, but every individual distributor does have the same chances. Success or failure in network marketing is not dictated by politics, race, age, background or gender, but always by results. In that respect it is probably also the fairest business model in the world.

For many people however the true value of their home based business is not directly in the financial return. The lessons a person can learn while building his or her own network marketing business are truly priceless. Many people are totally transformed through the personal growth they experience as a direct result of their challenges in their MLM businesses. It forced them to get out of their comfort zones, grow, and in many cases become a better person.

So what is so unique about network marketing in this respect? Doesn’t every entrepreneur have to deal with challenges? The answer of course is: Yes, they do. And they also experience personal growth as a result from this. However there is a s significant difference. Most entrepreneurs are self made and many of them learned their trade largely outside of formal education. Either they were taught by a family member, a mentor or perhaps they learned everything the hard way: by trial and error. Very rarely will you find an entrepreneur that has an extensive library of books and tapes on personal development. Most businesspeople don’t attend seminars and motivational trainings. They think it’s all a bunch of hype. While in some cases this can be true, there are many trainings and seminars that teach the principles of success better than any textbook found in business schools.

One of the great things about network marketing is that this type of education is built into the training systems of all good Teams. There is no business on the face of the earth that places such a strong and direct emphasis on the importance of personal development as the network marketing industry. Many companies might argue that they spend a great deal of their budget on education; training employees and as such assisting them in personal development but in most cases what they are actually talking about is personnel development. Although the words are almost identical, their meanings are vastly different.

Network marketing is all about building people. It is probably the best school on the planet if you want to learn about what it takes to be successful in life and you don’t need rich parents or some kind of scholarship to enroll.

Kathy Davidson Recent Comment by Kathy Davidson

Good comments, Nick     I bet you have read Robert Kiyosaki or maybe had the chance to meet him in person.   Personal growth is very essential to success whether you choose to believe in in or not!!

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30 Day Challenge: Day 7

DAY 7 Training is now up at: “The Best 12 minutes on REAL RECRUITING!” See you there!!! ~nick :-) )

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Monday night’s training

Did you record Monday night’s training and is it available where??????????

Keep up the good work Nick

Cheers! Brian

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30 Day Challenge: Day 6

Day 6 is here! OK! you deserve a break, so use this training to get Totally Organized! Enjoy: Less than 275 people have made it this far ( and only day 6 ?)…Congratulate yourself – and keep moving forward! ~nick :-) )

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If you ask anyone that has ever tried to succeed at network marketing and failed why they didn’t succeed, you will hear almost the same answer universally: there is not nearly enough development and training in network marketing.   If you ask anyone that has succeeded why they succeeded, they will all tell you almost the same thing: because they pursued development and training to become the best at what they do and then passed on that information to everyone in their organization.  The simple fact is that knowing about your product is not enough. You need to know how to package it, how to market it and how to package and market yourself.

In network marketing you absolutely want a fantastic product to sell but the truth of the matter is, without a store to walk into and look at things, the thing that is going to sell people on your product and opportunity is you!   If you come across as friendly, knowledgeable and satisfied, the odds are people are going to be much more interested in what you have to say about the product and about the opportunities that you have to offer.    Investing in training and development in network marketing is a great way to ensure that people will be more receptive to your presentation and to you in general.

So you say that you are already successful?    Is it really possible that you couldn’t become more successful?   No matter how well you are doing today, there are always opportunities to receive additional training and development in network marketing.   Whether it is training on new product lines, enhanced selling techniques or even just dealing with social and cultural differences, committing yourself to professional development opportunities will open you up to growing your business.   Don’t be afraid to learn something new and especially don’t be afraid to send the people that work with you to get more training.

Development and training in network marketing is the easiest and fastest way to improve your business.   By enhancing the skills that you and your sales force bring to the table, you are improving the chances that each of you will enjoy individual success.   Success is contagious, once you get a little on you, it will stick to everything and everyone that you touch.   Learning how to harness that success, and make it grow will attract even more success to you

Deandre Recent Comment by Deandre

Thanks for sharing. Always good to find a real epxert.

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By Jerry Clark

(JERRY CLARK became a self-made millionaire while still in his 20′s. Today he conducts personal and professional development seminars in over 35 countries worldwide.)

1. CLARITY OF OUTCOME: Before you begin any endeavor, know in advance exactly what you expect your outcome to be. By getting clear on your outcome, you will be using the awesome force of what I call the FUTURE PULL…In other words, the future you create for yourself pulls you closer to it and empowers you to take the proper actions in the present…So before you do anything else as it relates to your personal or professional life, take time to get crystal clear on what your desired outcome will be…See it in your mind’s eye until you feel really emotional about it…

2. CONSOLIDATION OF POWER: This is a fancy word I learned in 1982 while taking Martial Arts. It simply means FOCUS…Since you have a certain amount of time, energy, and money to devote towards accomplishing your outcome, it’s important to know which activities you should direct your resources towards. If you don’t take the time to determine which of the multitude of possible activities will provide you with the highest payoff, you may find yourself squandering much of your resources. Thus, apply the 80/20 rule here. The 80/20 rule states that 80% of your results will come from 20% of your activities. Therefore, it’s important for you to CONCENTRATE your efforts on the 20% of the activities that will get you 80% of the results. Most people concentrate on the 80% of the activities that will get them only 20% of the results… In a nutshell, 80% of your time should be spent on the following activities: (a) Using and Sharing your products (b) Exposing people to your opportunity (c) Attending and Promoting events (d) Engaging in personal development and (e) Learning and Teaching the system your company and support team members have set up for you…These are the high payoff or revenue producing activities…You can file your product orders and clean out your desk after hours…I.E., during non-revenue producing time…

3. COMMITMENT TO DISCIPLINES: This is where you actually EXECUTE your action plan…Once you know which areas you will be focused on, you can now get busy by moving ahead in those areas…It’s important to remember that consistency is the key at this stage. By doing the small simple disciplines on a daily basis, eventually the compounded effect will kick in and you will COLLECT YOUR OUTCOME… Every day in every way, you’re either performing simple disciplines or simple error in judgments…Apply this simple three-step process and watch what happens to your personal performance levels…

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30 Day Challenge: Day Four

Day #4 Training: ‘How to use the Script”…here’s the audio – ( a little long, but we’re at the important stuff now ), PLUS- a copy of my script to print out : ANOTHER PLUS? Have a Great Weekend…see some of you on my bridge line saturday at 11 am too! ~nick :-) )

Jeff Coult Recent Comment by Jeff Coult

Thanks Nick: Day 4 reminds me of my childhood when I had 48 kis involved in 2 armies and 2 navies.  Army #1  had a 5 story shack and several tree houses.  Army #2 had a cave and another shack built with solid 2 x 4 walls.  Navy #1 had a raft and speed boat.  Navy # 2 had a raft and a small fishing boat.  Jejj

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