Who We Are In Business With….Is Just As Important As The Business Itself! Or is it?

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In our mutual rise to fame and fortune, (some more than others )- you’ve heard us loudly exclaim “Who you are in business with is just as important as the business itself!” It appears at the very top of my personal website (10kwithnick.com), you’ve seen it on Facebook (facebook.com/nickskolsky), on Twitter (twitter.com/follownicknow), etc….I think you get the idea.

As a matter of fact, I think you get the idea right to the point where you’re reading it right now on my Blog (nickskolsky.com). When we do all these comparisons of Companies with their products, money and opportunity just what is it that we’re looking for? Are we trying to get in early in the “start up” so we’re closer to the top? Or…trying to find a Company that’s been around 10 or 15 years so that we feel that there’s some “financial stability?”. We were with one that went out of business in year 14! So much for that theory…

Of course we all want to find a Company that has products that people want need and will use…..yet how many people continue to take the product after they leave the Company? I really don’t have the answer to that question, and perhaps you do and I look forward to your comments being posted later. But , it seems to me a lot of people ‘buy a product, to get a check!” True or False?

But I do know in looking at a sponsor, and at the Company Ownership and the Upline – there are certain traits or characteristics that I look for, and must find in order for me to give any positon serious consideration particularly when it come to selecting a sponsor. Fortunately, we’ve had some good ones in Ron LeGrand, Brad Hager, Michael Jude and some super CEO”s when we were company direct!
We’ve found there has to be an equal dose of “ego drive” to push both of costantly focused and moving forward – to get over, under, around and through all those obstacles that we all incur along the way. a great sponsor not only has the “track record’, they’ve got resources they’re willing to share as well!
Just as importantly must be an equal dose of empathy – to understand how you feel and exactly why you’re undertaking this exact new opportunity and specifically what you are attempting to accomplish. I know the most common answer is money,but- I know that money is a part of the why, I know that money is a part of the answer….but ultimately I know there are 3 or 4 things that are more important to people than just money when they join an organization.

Having shared these few thoughts with you…take your time in really selecting a sponsor. It is one of the most critical decisions that you’ll make – and can make or break you! Take the time to do some research. Find where some semblance of success has been achieved otherwise it truly will be amateurs teaching amateurs to be amateurs! It will be like the blind leading the blind. There are plenty of resources that you can check out to get verifiable sources on exactly what a good sponsor has achieved. Go to their linkedin account (linkedin.com/nick-skolsky) and see what they’ve accomplished and what current projects are ahead. Our linkedin account was ranked in the top 1% of all 200 million accounts in the world. I can assure you that didn’t happen by accident and it didn’t happen just because we’ve accomplished a few things that we don’t mind sharing with other people !

Just looking at the way people present themselves on linkedin, or other media will give you a good insight as to the type of person that you’re evaluating. Ou When you are in a conversation with a “right sponsor”, there’s a flow of energy and synergy that can’t be “faked”. Look for that sponsor who “is a person worth meeting with an idea worth sharing” and is an individual who’ll give you the tools and encouragement so you can become “a person worth meeting with an idea worth sharing” too! The sooner the better!

So I’m now going to change my opinion….without question, I believe that “who we are in business with, is more important than the Company itself!” Think about it.

Incidentally, our next great adventure is Neucopia! You can get all the information by clicking on this link right here: NickSkolsky.neucopia.com/webinar

Contact me …I’m easy to find …and make it a great day – you deserve it!!

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