5-26-2010 Nick Skolsky 30000 Prospects in 60 minutes

You see, in our business, there are two types of people. There’s leaders and there’s followers. Can’t be both. Both is kind of like a monster. Monsters create problems, create headaches. Cause disruptions. And sometimes you got to be the follower, in order to be the leader. I refer back to a lot of emails. Nick, I’d like to start branding. Well, you know what, my suggestion is you find something to brand. I don’t care who you are, I don’t care what your level of income is. I’ll use Alex as an example. Alex didn’t get that hundred million dollar company in a month, a day or a year. And he didn’t learn the techniques and the mindset in the business (unknown) by learning from people who were followers. But, sometimes we have to be a good follower in order to be a good leader. Sometimes you’ve got to be a great soldier in order to be a great general. And that’s for two reasons. I say we can run on enthusiasm. Feel good about yourself, feel good about what you do, and definite goals. Nick, I’ve heard you say that about ten times. Well, I hope you internalize it and make it part of your daily (unknown). I hope you realize in a business as simple as the one we’re in, that just based on enthusiasm which is contagious, you are going to attract a lot of people to you. You’re going to attract people that are attracted to your charisma. You’re going to attract people that are going to be attracted to the fact that you seem to be purpose driven. That you seem to be having a lot more fun in your 24 hours, than a lot of other people who are shackled to a 9-5 job.

So, think about the people that right now have their money in the stock market. And the market’s down today about 1000 points for the month. And I see where our national debt is up to 13 trillion dollars. And did you notice, when I was talking earlier about Bill McDermott up in Atlanta? You know, if he was still in the mortgage brokerage business, it would be kind of tough, cause the rules have changed, right? There’s no more where there’s no verification income loans. Where you walk in and you ask for that $20,000 and you can put down 20% and buy that 100,000 house, because you said you made $52,500 a year, and nobody verified it. You know, in Valerie’s case, as a realtor, it’s a little tougher.  You know, while you’re trying to buy a house down in Florida, but you got to wait on the other house up there in Atlanta, or up in St. Louis to sell.

You know, if you’re up on a car lot somewhere selling cars, you got to kind of wait for those ups to come onto the dealership premises there, before you’re in a position, to help somebody out, fill a need, and make a commission for yourself. In our business, in the networking industry, we create our own environment. As a matter of fact, we are attracting more quality people right now, because the way the economy is and the way things are changed, you got to stop and ask yourself something. I’ve asked myself this a couple times. Right now, today, right where we are, with another $250 billion dollar package ready to go before the senate and the house, do you think our country is on the road to recovery? That jobs are coming back? That we don’t have to worry about inflation? That the real estate and construction and all the associated financial markets are going to return to good health? And we’re going to be back to happy days are here again? Or do you think that we’re in for a period of extension, of some additional misery?

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jane cournan

jane cournan | June 9, 2010 at 2:09 pm

Loved this and was hoping you could send me information about lead generation



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